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 New to lvl 80? (Quick guide)

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New to lvl 80? (Quick guide) Empty
PostSubject: New to lvl 80? (Quick guide)   New to lvl 80? (Quick guide) EmptyThu Mar 05, 2015 12:20 am

This is for our newbys in the guild, to save the hassle of explaining everything in guildchat you can just send them a mail with this topic and they'll be self sufficient game players Wink.
Also it'll bring players to the site Razz.
I appreciate any possible additions to the guide posted in this topic,
free to share without charge!

New to lvl 80? (Guide)

This Guide is meant to give new players who are almost or already lvl 80 the basic knowledge on what they should work towards in order to build their character for PvE “endgame” content.

Guildwars 2 PvE is very accessible to casual players, you can acquire the needed gear fairly easy, it takes a bit of time, but not nearly as long as getting to lvl 80. Long Term goals are mainly different looking skins with no advantage in stats. The exception is gear of ascended rarity (Pink).
While the difference in price is enormous, the difference in stats is almost meaningless.
No one will expect you to have ascended gear, but exotic and berserker stats are the norm in PvE.

What you need


I do recommend that you unlock them all because you will most likely need them at some point you can start by looking for a Meta build for your profession and unlock just the necessary traits. The Trait Guide will help you with locating the tasks to unlock them.
PvE Meta Builds by [DnT](still viable)

Exotic Berserker Gear (Meta for all classes in PvE)

You can easily buy this for a few gold each on the Trading Post.

At least one armor piece can be acquired from the Karma vendor that spawns after succeeding the Meta event chain at the Cathedral of Silence.
You can get some decent gold by doing a few dungeon paths daily, keep in mind that you get less tokens rewarded if you do the same path twice per day.
Arah, Crucible of Eternity(CoE) and Citadel of Flame(CoF) award items with berserker stats. You can also just go for the dungeons  that you want the skins from, which will take you only slightly longer to get your gear. This way you can get some pieces from the dungeon vendor and some from the trading post for the gold you earn during dungeons.
I recommend that you check the dungeon vendors/wardrobe ingame to see what pieces you want to acquire.

The skins for weapons are easier to acquired by doing a bit of daily Spvp and getting them through the reward tracks.
Getting them through dungeon running takes a lot more effort.


Until now you should have saved all your laurels that you have gained from the daily Log-in rewards, especially the 20 laurels you can get from the final chests after completing the 30th log-in.  
You need these to acquire the ascended trinkets over time, you can also buy exotic ones on the TP but it would be a waste when you can have an account bound trinket with better stats and an infusion slot which you will need for Fractals 11+.
The trinkets are sold at laurel vendors.
I recommend buying from the WvW laurel vendors because they charge less Laurels with some Badges of Honor. You want to look for the trinkets with Berserker stats.
You can only have 1 offensive and 1 defensive slot ring, same goes for accesory's.
I've linked to exact 5 items you should purchase at the vendors below. Amulet is best to get first.

Distinguished Circle of Logic

Drop rather frequently in fractals lvl11+, but you can't choose which stat set you get so I reccomend you buy them straight away.
Ring of Red Death
Crystalline Band

Can also be purchased with 12 guild commendations which you get from guild missions.
Otherwise they are rather expensive since they cost a lot of ectos.

Magister's Field Journal
Althea's Ashes

Glob of Ectoplasm can be acquired through salvaging of rare or Exotic Gear from lvl 68-80. This is a strong source of gold gain. You should use either Mystic or Black Lion salvage kits as they offer the best chance of gaining Ectos.

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New to lvl 80? (Quick guide)
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