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 My ranger Pre- and Post-patch

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PostSubject: My ranger Pre- and Post-patch   Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:22 pm



Feels really good. I can hold points for very long even when outnumbered and I can even kill people. It's not fast, but I kill them in the end.

Now why what I did?
Free fields are depending on the other team (bark skin for raw damage teams, empathic bond for condi teams). All that.

With my sword I have 100% condi uptime. Sw/D seems the best choice due to mobility and evades.
Why GS though? It's getting a huge buff. I don't know if it'll work, but I'll try it out. Gs is becoming a nice teamfighting weapon.
I thought about LB, but that's useless when I'm on point and my build relies on heavy swapping (both pets and weapons).

The rest is pretty basic, BM bunker spec which is oldschool, lol. Pets for the damage and around 20s cd on f2 skills making it easier and more reliable to get those BM GM heals.

Why not axe/torch and settler runes as secondary weapon set: Because then I'm trapped without build in evades for 9 seconds. I only need 4 to apply those condi's, so I'd need to take warrior runes or something like that to reduce weapon swapping. My build is about evading and doing raw damage.

For example: Condi bunker (axe/torch) couldn't kill an MM necro. I duelled Titus and some ReVo guys. With this build, the new one, I can kill them. It's not like I faceroll them, but that's never the case with rangers. And even if this build ain't Meta-stuff, it feels so rewarding to time those evades on the right moment and scream: Eat that!

Every build has it's weaknesses. Condi's are mine. As titus already noted, a condi necro would probably kill me. But I can always swap one cat for the brown bear, which is 20s traited CD for 2 condi removals, take empathic bond and the signet of renewal, which gives me a bigger punch already. If I then dodge at the right time, I think I got a fair shot at killing or at least holding off a condi necro myself.
Backstab thiefs are a pain though, cause I can't evade them as well as other high damage skills.
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PostSubject: Re: My ranger Pre- and Post-patch   Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:35 pm

Gs = No Go. Try to fight with the treb firing on your with melee weapons only. Not the smartest move.
Axe Warhorn is gonna prove way better I hope!
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My ranger Pre- and Post-patch
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