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 Selling stuff to guildies

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Titus Aemilianus

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Selling stuff to guildies Empty
PostSubject: Selling stuff to guildies   Selling stuff to guildies EmptyFri Nov 28, 2014 12:52 pm

Not sure if this topic belongs here cause its not exactly crafting but what the heck. So, i've thought about this and i think we sell way too little to other guildies. We're wasting a lot of cash and long hours of waiting using the TP.

So i suggest we use this to help eachother out a bit. I asked for some stuff for ascended crafting and ppl were very generous and gave guild discounts and all. I'm willing to do the same for other stuff. Every day i sell lodestones and insignias i dont need or also ori and ancient wood. I dump it onto the tp while i should be selling it to you ppl!.

You can determine the price you want yourselves and reach an agreement, but ill tell you a method i like because it helps both parties and noone loses any money.

We all know how the TP works, you sell an item for lets say 20g, but you dont get 20g ofc. You get 17g cause 3g is deducted as a TP fee.
Well, lets say a guildie also needs that item, here's what you do. You offer him the item for 17g. This means that you have not lost a single piece of copper but you got a quick deal and you didn't risk getting overcut while your guildie got a 3g discount. So instead of giving your TP fee to evil Anet, you give it as a discount to a guildie. much better if ya ask me. This is beneficial for all parties so i rly advise this system but ofc more generous prices are awesome or less generous even.

So ill start, i need
- Hard wood, Soft wood seasoned wood
- Linen, Cotton, Wool, silk
- iron ore, platinum ore

I dont need any of these things right away or anything but if you plan on selling any on the TP, sell em to me instead without losing any cash Smile.

Atm i can offer T6 mats and my daily dosage of ori, ancient wood and lodestones.
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Brandon Ironcloud
Brandon Ironcloud

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Selling stuff to guildies Empty
PostSubject: Re: Selling stuff to guildies   Selling stuff to guildies EmptyFri Nov 28, 2014 5:26 pm

YESYESYESYESYES. I love this idea.

When I get home, expect a load of wood/ore coming your way. In return? t6 totems please :3
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Selling stuff to guildies
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