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 Missions request

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PostSubject: Missions request   Missions request EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 2:53 am

Hi all

Just a little suggestion I'd like to put forward. When we have events, such as the other day when PK did a tower run, would it be possible to do this more than once at different times.

I missed the run because I was at work, and have struggled with the tower having only been able to join small zerking groups and we don't get far. I've made it to level 2, but never got past the Spider Queen.

The same with missions, would it be possible to run them more than once, for instance Monday at 7:00, Tuesday at 8:00, Wednesday at 9:00 etc.

This would perhaps ease the timezone problems we have and give more players a chance to take part.

And that includes me Smile

I struggle to make some missions because they start at 7:00 UK time, which is about the time I have dinner after a day at work.

See you in game (hopefully, the guilds are broken at the moment) Smile
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Mini Balli
Mini Balli

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PostSubject: Re: Missions request   Missions request EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 3:24 am

Zxion thanks for your post Smile and I agree, the event Tripz made the other day in the Nightmare Tower was brilliant. We also talked about making such event more often.
Each week we have an Event-Planner running, with deadline Sunday, a plan all can reply to, either with suggestions to event (day/time) and we find an officer who can arrange it, or if ppl wanna host an event themselves.
So add in here when you want another event and we can add it to the Message of the day in guildwindow.

Btw, do the Nightmare end this upcoming Tuesday?

About the guildmission, atm we have 3 days planned for guildmission, Sunday at 15 your time, Wednesday 19 your time and Saturday 9 or 10 your time.
Sunday is the day where most attend so thats the day where we get everything done. On the other days we struggle with getting enough ppl to join, so we mostly only do bounty and rush. If we should run it every day, we would have to speed a lot of builds/upgrades to make sure we still have all our daily buffs running.

I'm fine with every time, and Wednesday for me could easily be 8 your time, that's 20:00 GMT, but just be aware that it most likely are bounty and rush.
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Missions request
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