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[pK] Pain Killer (Gunnars Hold Server)

pK TS3 adress: PW: Quaggan // GH TS3 Adress: ts3.gunnars-hold.eu PW: wim4de5a
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 PvP video online!

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PostSubject: PvP video online!   PvP video online! EmptySun Jul 21, 2013 5:24 am

Here's the link:

It's nothing special, I should have put the finisher moves in slow motion and add some visual effects. But all by all, these pvp was by far not my best, so it doesn't really deserve my best montage Smile

Well, see for yourself and lemme know what you think.
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PostSubject: Re: PvP video online!   PvP video online! EmptySun Jul 21, 2013 6:21 pm

dear NoWay/ Raven Crow,

You are hereby ordered to record and edit our upcoming pvp competition. This shall be of the highest quality you can produce. We will leave editing options open to you so you might make the best product you can. At the end of this agreement and if the product meets our high standards, you may expect compensation.

Darkness Dragon
Pain Killer

awesome video man. good editing good pacing but maybe a bit long. anyway who am i to talk. i cant even make such a thing.
really good job man.
and i wasnt kidding about the above Smile
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PostSubject: Re: PvP video online!   PvP video online! EmptySun Jul 21, 2013 7:03 pm

Yeah, ik, it was to long. It was 30 minutes at first though Smile
So I deleted the worst.

For the guild pvp thing, I was thinking about 1 scene for every person.
There are 3 matches (so a certainty of 2), so that means I can record each side. Ofc everybody wants to view the winning side, and I can't predict that. So lets hope everybody gets a win.
Plan was to have all our current pvp'ers shows, the ones in the pvp competition so to speak.
An intro, like my raven and jory one, followed by their clip.

Fact is, if I gotta do it the best I can, I'll need some time to edit, get the slow motions in the right place, make the music timed with the action, ...
And the competition itself is end of august, in september I start with my school again. So instead of using the competition, I'd suggest we continue sparring, making random matchups. Like lets say, Shehr vs titus (nowhere near eachother in the tourney), but shehr is a necro, great at pvp and a good build. Titus has a great build too, is skilled himself. both use condi damage if I remember well.
Or a mesmer vs a thief, ... I watch the match 1 time (let them get the hang of eachother), 2nd time I record the last winner.

If we do this somewhere early august, I can have it finished by the Tourney. That way we can post it on the forums of gw2, in the pvp section and in the recruitment section, and get some more pvp interested players in the guild. This might be usefull for pvp tournaments, pvp training, ... as more people for pvp means more pvp all day long, means more skills for our guild.

Once we got the skills, we can 'challenge' other guilds into a tournament, like 5 teams vs 5 teams, each team 3 matches, winner gets a gold reward (which can be used to buy influence for the guild)
Second we can use those pvp teams in wvw, get ourselves our own tower or keep. And this idea I got from Ghengis Khan himself:
- we got small teams of 5 players each, a regular pvp team (arban), each of these teams has a leader, somebody who knows the strenghts of his team and it's weaknesses and knows how to use it best.
- 4-5 of these teams (or another number) can form a bigger group (jagun), with 1 leader again (an additional member and I recommend somebody with wvw experience possibly a commander).
- These 'jaguns' can be gathered in an even bigger group, minghaan, with again a higher leader. Above that you'd have a tuman, but that's only for big guilds I think. As that would be 4x(4x(4x5)) arbans.
But to make the point, have small organised groups we can use in a wide variety of tasks. Single skirmish missions or full scale attacks, ...
You can take it even further and make different kind of teams: bunker teams (like me, titus, ...), Skirmish teams (twapper, mesmers, thiefs), DPS teams (no real example here). But as commander you'll know better what's needed in wvw.

That's kinda mine vision of how a build should function in pvp/wvw, don't regard it as separate things, but bring them together. In wvw, most zerks have 1 person calling the shots, a dozen criticizing and all the others just following that 1 person.
If you use this command structure like the mongols did, you got 1 person giving the big orders, with all 'lower-rank' officers deciding how to make them happen, giving us a big advantage since 1 officer only has to manage 5 people instead of 50+. TeamSpeak is very important here, as is trust and obedience.

Those PvP/WvW teams can also be used in pve, dungeons for instance, we all know those damn hard dungeons (some arah paths, cof p3, ...) Get 3 people of a pvp team in and 2 other players. The level of the group will go up, a lot. Since those 3 people know eachothers playstyles, they know the combo's, they use their heals for their entire group, they fight as one so to say.

This is just an idea, but I think it would take the guild to a higher level. Ofcourse you gotta keep in mind that everybody is free to play when he likes. But groups could discuss a training day, where every member of that 5-man group can be online, almost every week. And train, get to know eachothers skills.

Just my copper, but lemme know what you think. (Also about recording early august) (I'll record the tourney too, but not in spectator mode, but as a real spectator on the side. That might be even a better idea than using spectator mode and only recording 1 of each. and nobody sees our members skill-setups. But also like I said early august, then I can have it ready before I gotta start study again.
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Titus Aemilianus

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PostSubject: Re: PvP video online!   PvP video online! EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 6:54 pm

Some songs are from the last of the Mohicans right?
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PostSubject: Re: PvP video online!   PvP video online! EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 8:29 pm

First half yes, found it fitting with the ranger Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: PvP video online!   PvP video online! Empty

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PvP video online!
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