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[pK] Pain Killer (Gunnars Hold Server)

pK TS3 adress: PW: Quaggan // GH TS3 Adress: ts3.gunnars-hold.eu PW: wim4de5a
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 Opinion: Lookalike

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Ryo Asakura
Ryo Asakura

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Opinion: Lookalike Empty
PostSubject: Opinion: Lookalike   Opinion: Lookalike EmptySat Dec 20, 2014 6:56 am

Some friends of mine think i'm a lookalike of macklemore which is actually pretty funny... xD

What do you guys think

Opinion: Lookalike Macklemore11

Opinion: Lookalike ?ui=2&ik=859629e5f6&view=fimg&th=14a641ccb277315d&attid=0
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Brandon Ironcloud
Brandon Ironcloud

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Opinion: Lookalike Empty
PostSubject: Re: Opinion: Lookalike   Opinion: Lookalike EmptySat Dec 20, 2014 10:37 pm

You actually do look like him :O

Arrest Macklemore for plagiarism!!
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Opinion: Lookalike
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