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PostSubject: YOUR ROLE - LEARN IT   Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:13 am


Name: Bunker
Characteristics: Health and toughness, survivability, stability.

Description: A Bunker is someone who can take a ton of damage and stay alive for quite some time under pressure. They may lack some CC’s and point control but they are made to literally sit somewhere and stay there. Typically most people use a bunker as a node defender. Another note is that a team’s bunker is the beefiest of the Defenders so they are typically assigned to the midpoint

Name: Node Defender
Characteristics: Heavy CC / Point Control, Survivability (not meaning heath / toughness can be healing / evasion etc.)

Description: A node defender goes hand and hand with a bunker usually, but they will typically sacrifice some defense / health to have massive CC & point control. Node defenders typically can last quite some time but not as long as a pure bunker.

Name: Backpoint Defender
Characteristics: Survivability, utility, self-sufficient

Description: The backpoint defender is usually a build / class with survivability and utility. They typically can dps or support. Good examples of standard classes for this are BM tank rangers and Mesmer’s running portal. Their primary goal since the points close to the base is to keep it locked down as much as possible. They can and will unlike a bunker who stays there typically till death, the backpoint defender typically has some mobility so they can flee the fight / come back after being stomped and back cap it after they assault is finished and reclaim it.

Name: Farpoint Assaulter
Characteristics: Hybrid damage & survivability, mobility.

Description: a Farpoint Assaulter is a hybrid dps, they have survivability and can do some good damage. They are the ANTI backpoint defender, their job is to assault the far point and keep it contested and uncapped. To be successful they don’t have to fully cap as long as it’s not fully capped by the other team. They typically use tactics like downing the backpoint defender and leaving him downed by doing just enough damage to maximize his time out of play. So in a nutshell they kill the backpoint defender and then harass / stall the backpoint defender from recapping as long as they can. A lot of CC and survivability can also work here.

Name: Support
Characteristics: healing, utility, buffing, debuffing, cleansing

Description: A Support role is typically paired with a defensive build, the supportive build has high team healing, they have boon sharing, they typically have protection for reviving allies and cleanses for conditions. Supports main job is kind of like a healer in the typical MMORPG trinity except for the fact that in gw2 this does not work due to lack or healing in abundance. This role is your help your team jack of all trades buff when you can swiftness on tap etc.

Name: Roamer
Characteristics: sustained mobility, jack of all trades, navigation (teleport etc)

Description: The roamer has one qualification, mobility they need to be able to get across the map fast and be a first responder for help or whatever action needs to happen. Example they will be coming in for a killing blow as someone is running away towards the roamer. The build type does not matter but they are always extremely mobile. The type of player who usually plays this is someone who knows the maps, they know what the game flow is and they are thinking ahead of the game by 3 moves to anticipate where they need to be, for example being right there for that last shot to kill and steal the boss then they rush off to go support a point. Roamers are highly motivated self-thinkers who do not need to be instructed on what to do, and are also highly communicative as they are the scouts to tell everyone what’s happening on the battlefield.

Name: Team Fighter
Characteristics: Mobility, numbers based buffs / debuffs (The amount of players)

Description: A team fighter is someone who may not be Burst / glass / carry DPS or best support but they have utilities that can devastate in large groups. One major example of this is a venom share thief. Team fighters are usually assigned to a group or are constantly moving to the next battle hotspot, but are not truly a roamer they go where the fight is happening. A good team fighter can turn the tide of any battle and most high end teams will not run without one.

Name: Shutdown
Characteristics: CC, Lockdown, low cool-down cc, stun, daze etc.

Description: A shutdown is really simple. Immobilize, root, cc, lockdown, take someone out of play for 6 seconds or more. Shutdowns are used against carries/ glass cannons / stompers etc. This role is usually mixed with Team Fighter.

Name: Ranged Or Melee DPS / Glass Cannon / Burst / Carry
Characteristics: Highest DPS, Burst DPS, high cool-down skills, usually less than 4 second kills.

Description: A Carry is typically a glass cannon build, while they could be roamers these type of roles require teamwork to support them while they demolish player by player. Example a high toughness / health supporter may be assigned to guard the carry and help keep them safe while they wait for the cool downs to come back up. They can be used to ambush people as they respawn, help in team fights, assigned to the bunker as his dps for mid etc. A prime example of this is a back stab thief; yes the ones people complain about killing them in 2 seconds. But you look at them wrong and they will die. These roles sacrifice everything they can to be able to kill as fast as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: YOUR ROLE - LEARN IT   Sat Jun 22, 2013 7:56 am

That's really good work you have done here, thumbs up
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