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 Top Tips for TPvP

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PostSubject: Top Tips for TPvP   Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:13 am

Still be useful in death
A dead player can still call a target. Just a nice, helpful little thing to do for your team as you wait for the respawn. I do this A LOT when I die in teamfights (as I always seem to get targetted first) it is incredibly useful to call out new targets and also call when team mates are downed/nearly downed.

Ranger F# skills
You can still use them when downed even though they are not in the GUI. So yes, you can interrupt with your #2 skill and then wolf fear and then command the wolf to knock down your opponent then switch pets to something else and so on and so forth.

Want to RTL/Swoosh/Leap away from enemies instead of towards them? Turn off auto-target and from now on, click away from the enemy to de-target them and leap away! Get used to calling targets and hitting ‘t’ or the target button to lock on your enemy if you turn auto-target off.

“AdvanceSkillTarget” in the options is one of your best friends against minion classes…

Downed skills
Most of the downed interrupt skill have an cast time and animation. By learning these you can time your stability/invuln/blind etc to avoid the interrupt. If nothing else, dodging these then stomping again is usually faster than eating the interrupt.

Revive button
If you click where the revive button will be, you will automatically revive when the timer is up

It’s always better to dps out a thief in downstate rather than stomp him. This can apply for mesmer too and sometimes ele.

Foefire: Healing the Lord
Pretty much all ally-type heals work on the lord, even tome of courage. So if you know your lord is gonna get spiked down, whip out that tome and get that full heal channeled while your teammates make their way towards capping, killing enemy lord, or coming to help.

Death Shroud Stomp & Res
To DS Stomp, hit F1 and then your stomp key right after (as if you were rolling from key to key)—It has to be really quick in order for it to register and you will know if you pulled it off if you see the stomping animation.

To DS Res, do the same thing on a downed ally. You will pop DS and res. This helps in tanking enemies who spam aoes or like to focus on you while you res

Engi Condition Immune Trait
If you are facing an engineer and get a lot of ‘Immune’ messages that means that have traited to be immune to conditions when they hit 25% hp. This means conditions cannot be applied during this hp range—however, any conditions applied before then will still linger. If you are condition based fighter, try to figure out a way to do direct damage during this time and not spam conditions otherwise the engineer will normally stall long enough to regain it’s health.

Combo Fields
The oldest combo field procs if there are overlapping fields.

Condi Removal
Condition removal is treated as last in first out so if you are a condition based damage class it is often good to “Hide” the damaging conditions like burning/confusion/bleeds by stacking as many other effects on top of it as possible.

Stun Break & Immobilize Condition
Stun breaks do not neutralize the immobilize condition. You need a condition remover for it. Strangely enough immobilize is not listed as a control effect.
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Top Tips for TPvP
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