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 Spvp - Monday 17:30 CEST / GMT 2.3.2015

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PostSubject: Spvp - Monday 17:30 CEST / GMT 2.3.2015   Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:13 pm

Another time, let's battle in the mists!

Event Guideline:
We play for the fun of it, rage or discrimination towards other Teammembers may result in a kick from the party.
Of course constructive criticism is welcome if it is accepted by the person.
If you enjoy building group tactics and honing your skills,
if you want to work and learn together to get into spvp then you are very much welcome!

I make a commitment when I put up an Event on the forum and you can rely on me beeing there if nothing is canceled. I expect people to be there aswell if they say they will be, and I promise them a spot if available. If 100% of the replys say they are not sure to be there, I consider the demand not to be existent and will therefore not feel responsible for beeing online. If the Event party is full or you are not sure to be there, you can still sign up and I will contact you if there is room when the Event starts

Basic knowledge of gw2

Sign up to reserve a spot:
Ingame Name - Profession

Meruém - Guardian | Roamer, Bunker, Support
Titus - Necro | Condi
open spot
open spot
open spot

Mizu Misa.8730 - Online Times:

Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday:17:30~ GMT
Thursday,Friday: irregular
Sunday:after 18:30~ GMT
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Spvp - Monday 17:30 CEST / GMT 2.3.2015
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