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 How To Be A God Amongst All Warriors in PvE

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Ryo Asakura

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PostSubject: How To Be A God Amongst All Warriors in PvE   Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:59 am

Dear guildies,

I'm going to write a guide on how to play the warrior in PvE
This works in all situations world boss / fractals / dungeons and this build is really good


No Warriors in the party:

If there are warriors in the party check with the rest:
Change banners
sigil of might
for great justice
on my mark


Why these traits?

You are wondering why I don't use any toughness or vitality traits well that quite easy to explain.
Best Warrior Glass Warrior.
You do tons of damage so don't worry about dying you will be up as soon as possible.

In depth:

I'm not going to discuss the passive traits because they are all amazing

Dual wielding for moar damage on the axe /mace
Slashing power ofc for the greatsword damage
Berserker power: the more adrenaline the better  you don't need a lot of burst skills in PvE Only when you need a panic button.

Rending strikes: The more vulnerability the faster the target dies ( dat logic :p)
Forcefull greatsword: Might is the warrior's best friend

Who only 3? Well because you already have enough crit on your gear which I will tell you later on

Signet mastery: Why because when you hit the panic burts button you need to have instantly full adrenaline!

I roll a full berserker set with Superior rune of strenght.
These runes are quite expensive.
Scholar runes are a good option as well.
But if you have the money for buying these runes DO IT!!!


I use Valks for a little more Vitality
The rings are good for getting a little bit of toughness.
You can go full zerk if you prefer this there is hardly a difference


Berserker Greatsword:
Sigil of bloodlust (Moar moar moar damage)
Sigil of leeching (a lifesaver)

Valkyrie Axe:
Sigil of Force (moar moar damage)

Valkyrie Mace:
Sigil of Battle

Stats Unbuffed:

This is my build.
Hope it helps for anyone.

Ryo Out

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How To Be A God Amongst All Warriors in PvE
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