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 Tournament of the Legends - INFO

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PostSubject: Tournament of the Legends - INFO   Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:02 pm


Alrighty guys here is how the schedule is going to work for participating teams (all of this information with more specifics will also be emailed to all RSVP’d EU teams either tomorrow or Friday night). For Match IDs, please check the brackets while keeping in mind that the brackets are not yet finalized and may change between now and the event.

The bracket will be split into eight individual pools. Each teams’ pool will determine the start of play time for each team. Each pool will start thirty minutes apart from each other. Once play starts at your scheduled time expect to play through the round of 16 consecutively. You may be given a short break (5-10 minutes) if you so request it between each round. The pools will start at the following times:
This applies for the EU event ONLY

Pool 1 (Matches A-D): 12:00 CEST (6AM EDT / 3AM PDT)
Pool 2 (Matches E-H): 12:30 CEST (6:30AM EDT / 3:30AM PDT)
Pool 3 (Matches I-L): 13:00 CEST (7AM EDT / 4AM PDT)
Pool 4 (Matches M-P): 13:30 CEST (7:30AM EDT / 4:30AM PDT)
Pool 5 (Matches Q-T): 14:00 CEST (8AM EDT / 5AM PDT)
Pool 6 (Matches U-X):14:30 CEST (8:30AM EDT / 5:30AM PDT)
Pool 7 (Matches Y-AB): 15:00 CEST (9AM EDT / 6AM PDT)
Pool 8 (Matches AC-AF): 15:30 CEST (9:30AM EDT / 6:30AM PDT)

These start times are strict. A 5 minute grace period will be given before the game is started regardless of if the team is present or not. Due to this, we recommend teams join the server about 10 minutes early (server passwords will be given in the email being sent out, server names are listed below) to avoid any issues. Unless you are in Pool 1, please check in with your admin to ensure you will not be joining the server in the middle of a game as this may cause issues. Admins may attempt to contact you approximately five minutes before your match, however if information on your team’s application is incorrect some admins may be unable to accomplish this.

Each pool has four games in the Ro64, please check below to see which Server/Administrator you will report to for your Ro64 game:

Server/TO1: A, E, I, M, Q, U, Y, AC
Server/TO2: B, F, J, N, R, V, Z, AD
Server/TO3: C, G, K, O, S, W, AA, AE
Server/TO4: D, H, L, P, T, X, AB, AF

The Admins for the first round can be reached at their IGNs:
Post will be updated as soon as these are designated


When/If your team makes it to the Round of 16, your game may be played immediately or you may be asked to wait as the stream will be starting with the Ro16 and we may want to showcase your game on the stream. If we do not want to showcase your game you will more than likely play it immediately after your Ro32 game and then be given a break until the Ro8 play starts. All Games from the Ro8 onward will be shown on stream.

Once the Ro8 has been completed, play for Saturday will end. For any teams remaining at this point, you will need to checkin with an admin again on Sunday morning. Play will resume on Sunday at 10AM EDT / 7AM PDT / 1600 CEST.

That about wraps it up for how were going to handle things, I just wanted to toss out a few reminders so teams make sure they have no issues playing on the days of:

Ensure your roster is either the same as the one you have submitted or you have updated myself via email at this point. If your roster is different you need to contact me via email ASAP (john@mistpedia.net) so we can work out issues because your team WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY if your roster does not match our records.
Remember that your substitute may only be used in the event that your main roster player is not present. You MAY NOT use your substitute as a tactical swap mid tournament.
Please ensure to minimize the risk of any disconnects or issues with lag. We will not be honoring resets from disconnects unless it is an issue affecting every player in the game (Server Crashes, etc).
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament of the Legends - INFO   Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:54 pm

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Tournament of the Legends - INFO
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